Log of the White Owl – Debris Behind Saturn

Log of the WHITE OWL

Date: Terran – 25 August 2087

On leeward side of Saturn:
I came across cargo pods floating amongst a field of scattered debris.

Timing to and from Ma’Kluft.
Came out of warp to find myself:
In the wrong time thread;
in the wrong place;
and in the midst of shipping wreckage.

Had drones take the tug out to capture a few pods.
Brought them into a quarantine hold.

The pods are polygonal with hexagonal faces, white.
Apparently meant to interlock in cargo bays.
Odd markings on them. Recognizable, yet not.
English with unfamiliar words, spellings, and formatting.

Labels are shipping information.
Like nothing I have come across in travels within various Sol System time lines.

In the process of having nanobots examine contents without breaching.

Will add any further identification information as it is uncovered.

The debris is from a massive explosive concussion.
Low-yield nuclear traces:
Decay analysis = incident occured ~6 Terran months ago.

At least the White Owl didn’t trigger it, run over whatever the debris used to be.

J.R. Red and I are now scrutinizing nanobot quantum navigation logs to see why we came out in that time thread.

Anything pertinent to this event will be linked to this log entry.

Log of the WHITE OWL

Date: Terran – 09 November 2008

The bots have reconstructed one of the cargo pods’ waybills.

It was discovered within a shielded circular enclosure at the center of one of the pod’s hexagonal faces.

It was somewhat scrambled, possibly as a result of an EMP intrusion during the carrier vehicle’s destruction.

The pod is part of a cargo carried by a vessel registered to a spacing arm of American Airlines, a corporation present in my native time thread. A quite recognizable double wing logo is displayed on the form.

The name of the vessel is VALLEY FORGE.

The cargo is described as mulch, but the scanners report that it is altered, feasibly by the effects of the blast that destroyed the vessel.

Its original structure is postulated to be an artificially constructed, moisture-retaining particulate compound functionally much like the mineral perlite used as mulch in my native time thread.

J.R. Red will time the White Owl tug back out to the debris field in order to search for more information. I don’t dare send it to any point other than the one to which the White Owl’s quantum nanobots have been.

I’m curious as to the ship’s purpose and the whys/hows of its destruction. I have a theory.

~ by tinkianmotion on October 8, 2010.

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