Twitter Snippets Chained 02

I’ve been asked a question I’ve never been asked before. Gotta say it felt kinda cool.

The question: “Where in the Tinkian timeline do these snippets fall?”

The answer: Most of ’em are just prior to the set of “White Owl Stowaway” entries on this blog. However, a couple are actually quite a while after the Stowaway incident.

The latest crop of Twitter Snippets:


He watched her move down the White Owl’s ramp. Spacing leathers and thigh-high boots turned it into a slink. He forgot to expell his breath.


Though still affected by lavender spacing leathers and boots, Weasel leaned into an echo terminal and watched the White Owl’s docking log.


He watched the exchange of cargo from The White Owl to Verosheeg, when he suddenly ‘felt’ he needed to look up. Those eyes were on him.


Weasel felt her eyes drilling into him, and thought better of staying in her direct line of sight. He’d get the info he needed another way.


He slipped back down the docking galleries and rejoined his cronies in the crystal-walled bar. There, he brought up White Owl cargo logs.

~ by tinkianmotion on September 10, 2010.

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