Twitter Snippets Chained 01

Tink looked up from her nav screen…something on a peripheral screen had caught her attention. “Shit,” she breathed out loud. “He’s back.”


Weasel: You know I’m gonna be like a bad habit…I want your boat.
Tink: Yeah, I know…but you gotta go through me to get it.
Weasel: Yep.


Tink felt his intense scrutiny…as she always did…at the edges of her mind.
She didn’t need to look up.
“You’ll never fly us, Weasel.”

T’nk System 20513
Many around a large round screen table followed Weasel to the huge transparent wall.
It was the White Owl.


Weasel’s hooded dark blue eyes would not leave the big round table screen.
Even in her image her striking eyes impaled him, exposed him.


Weasel had managed to sneak into the high-risk cargo bay where The White Owl had docked.
His knees nearly buckled when Tink appeared.


~ by tinkianmotion on September 3, 2010.

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