Re-Visiting An Old Pleasure

While looking for an old “Tinking” which I remember parking somewhere on a Myst or Uru-themed forum, I came across an old favorite where I could spend hours just looking and comparing and letting my imagination free-fly:

It’s called Jeff Russell’s STARSHIP DIMENSIONS, and it is still mind-blowing.

Captain Mal Reynolds' mostly trusty cargo ship,
scourge of The Alliance and blue-gloved spooks.

I had originally explored the place looking for a good visual reference as to the size of Serenity, the ship used in the cult television series FIREFLY and the associated movie, SERENITY. I actually found it there, that ship.

Why would that be mind-blowing? Lemme tellya.

You can drag and drop the Serenity’s image, and really see how it dwarfs STAR WARS’ Millenium Falcon and an Imperial Class Shuttle, or that an Imperial AT-AT Walker is taller than it, or that TIE fighters would easily fit/flit into its main hold.

Serenity ummm, hides behind a Jawa Sandcrawler.

You can see that if the Serenity were parked behind a Jawa Sandcrawler, it would stick out as if it were the Sandcrawler’s jutting head and firefly butt.

You can compare it to a Vorlon fighter from BABYLON 5, and see that the fighter is about the size of Serenity’s firefly class engine section. You can see that a STARSHIP TROOPERS plasma bug would give it pause, if they met on a planetary surface … for more than one reason.

It would NEVER be able to pass through a stargate, and it would be most thoroughly SQUASHED into roadkill, if STARGATE‘s Goa’uld Ha’Tak happened to land on it. A real windshield splat possibility.

And that is why STARSHIP DIMENSIONS is such a cool site.

It would be even cooler if one could cut and paste the Serenity to see exactly how it compares to the major starships in various sci-fi universes, like Enterprise, a Klingon Bird of Prey, or Moya.

Oh, but you can, if you look hard, find Serenity on the “1x” grid, where those behemoths parade.

So, go look. Act like a draggin’ droppin’ fool. Get your mind blown, too!

~ by tinkianmotion on May 1, 2010.

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