The Dooryard

I’ve always had a safe place in my mindseye, one of those places in your imagination where you can go to de-fuse anxiety malfunctions. It’s not unlike that Secret Garden visited by the kids in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel.

I go to my Dooryard often, since it has, over time, become so very “real” in my mindseye. I can visualize and insert pieces into the place as I need them. My concentration on that, finding just the right thing to add, placing it in the proper location, and making it a part of something in my mindseye, inevitably distracts me from whatever it is that has me on the edge of poking my head into the sand in an attempt to escape something I don’t want to face yet.

The original Dooryard at the edge of surrealityMy “Dooryard” originally evolved from a photo I’d found and bought from Corbis Images. It was of a lush and mossy glade at the base of tall and regal redwoods, and it evoked ultimate serenity for me.

When I first saw it, I could feel my mind sliding into the scene, using childhood memories of the redwoods with which I’d mingled in Muir Woods as a catalyst.

The air was infused with a yellow-green glow from light filtering thru needles high above. I could feel the glade’s coolness ripple across my skin, smell the fragrance of forest floor and scattered blooms, hear squirrels barking orders at interlopers, birds singing of turf, and the low hissings of intermittent breezes noodling with leaves or small branches.

However, I knew something was missing – a way to come and go, a portal.

Look closely at the picture above, and my addition of an ornately carved teak and rosewood door will become apparent.

For the rest of my first installations, check out the section dedicated to it at my Goofedy-Homestead web site, here.


~ by tinkianmotion on April 23, 2010.

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