White Owl Stowaway…snippet 03

At the first contact between Tink’s “little friends” and one of his long fingers, the Terran’s whole body jerked.

In the same instant, Tink caught a panick spike forming up in the edges of his mind. “Make it gentle, guys,” she warned. “He’s gonna come up in ‘fight or flight’, and I’d rather that be later than sooner.” The nanos that had yet to enter through the Terran’s fingers swarmed up over his forearm, his neck, his face, and sunk through the first unused patch of skin they found.

“I’ll try to hold on to him if he chooses sooner.” While still speaking to her nanobots, she had rolled the big man over onto his stomach and straddled the small of his back.

Then, once her feet were locked into place beneath his hips, ready to slide on around him and intertwine her ankles, she also bent forward to pin one of his thick arms against his side with one of her sleek ones.

She reached around his neck with her other arm, then on down across his chest until her hands grasped wrists. The total effect was that her weight was squarely placed, tight against his back, and securely locked there with both arms and legs.

Tink just lay there, quite aware of his contours, waiting for something to move; monitoring his mind, looking for telltales that signaled his climb to consciousness. She hoped that he could feel her warmth against him, and would absorb it, so that it would lengthen the time before he returned to coherent thought. She mostly hoped, though, that the nanos could repair all internal damage, and rebuild the blood he had lost to massive bruising.

He was a beefy man, and likely too agile, or too skilled, for her to easily use his own weight against him. She was pretty sure, though, that she could slow him considerably with her weight on his back, where he could not easily hit or grab her.

She hoped he’d be disoriented and ineffectual because she did not want him hurt any further. She figured he’d not be easy to keep subdued, but she’d done the impossible so many times before, that she was quite willing to try.

A short interval passed, and she could see and feel his skin begin to reflect successful repairs. She continued to send panic-cancelling waveforms to truncate his spikings, and bought time for the nanos to finish.

Aware of his reputed ability to effect an appearance of quiet and deadly calm, Tink fervently hoped it would be nowhere in the mix when he came to.

Suddenly, there it was: A mix of panic and reflex reactions swelling to overwhelm his unconsciousness. It was driven by sensations, real or imagined, of the bots’ repair activities. She warned the nanos to vacate, “NOW!”

Simultaneously she ordered the White Owl to create a Terran/Trench EVsuit inside the stowaway’s cargo barge. As soon as the Owl confirmed that the suit had been placed, and was properly sized to fit him, she let go of the Terran’s mind.

That was when Ye Olde “all hell broke loose” happened.


~ by tinkianmotion on April 19, 2010.

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